Rocker Naw Naw’s new Album

July 20th, 2010 by X Big Leave a reply »

ROCK singer Naw Naw has released his third solo album “Eaih Met Htae Kah Lu” (A Person from Dream) on July 18, tape and CD.

Rocker Naw Naw

“A guy loves a princess who lives in a higher class so the guy feels like she is a person who can only have in his dreams,” explained by Naw Naw, about the title song and album name at his album launch.

The vocalist from Blaze Band began his solo career in 2006 with hit album “A Tine Htet A Lon” (Beyond the Measurement). In 2009 he released “A Kant A Tat Ma Shih” (Limitless).

In a departure from his past albums, Naw Naw has collaborated with a variety of songwriters on “A Person from Dream”, including Japan, Mi Juu, Nyiah Linn Htae, Lapyae, Mung Boih and Saw Gyi, Zaw Linn. “I want to present something different from my normal style so I chose songs from new composers,” said the Rocker.

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